Real property valuation is an important stage in the process. If it is overrated, a property willnot sell, will stay on the market for too long and will become difficult to mortgage

, losing its

value and credibility in the eyes of potential buyers.

Thanks to their market, technical and methodological knowledge, our experts can efficiently valuate all regular or high-return property.

The expert shall also provide appraisals to the courts within successions, divorces or to the Office of Legal Proceedings and Bankruptcies.


We valuate all types of real property, such as:


Individual homes


Family estates

Commercial or industrial properties

Valuations for real estate projects

Valuations using the DCF method for investments


When should you valuate your asset?

A valuation may be advisable in several cases, such as:

The purchase or the sale of a property

The preparation of a succession

When requesting a mortgage

For tax reasons


Obtain an expert’s valuation of your asset? How does it work?

Our valuation is conducted as follows:

Definition of the expert’s mandate

Gathering all legal and technical elements relating to the property.

Full visit of the real property.

Data analysis and preparation of the report.

Why should you obtain an expert’s valuation of your asset?

Our experts will help you valuate your assets, prepare the due diligence before a transaction,

or calculate the possible rents following the renovation.

The real estate, hotel and commercial opportunities are numerous and you shall benefit from the best guidance

throughout your project in order to reach your objectives.